Poem Extra!

Who am I?

I struggle several times when I hear this question from my friend..

I am the mighty someone..

Mighty somewhat…


I am a bird that sings in an great pitch with wonderful harmony…

I am can be an paper that is really weak and it can rip easily..

I am a diamond that is luminescent around the world…

I am can be an keychain that wants to stick to someone.

I am unbreakable!

I am a duster that is helpful, and uncluttered..

I am the sun that wants to give lightheartedness to everyone around the world..

I am the one that you want to be with!

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My Reflection!~


Thank you for anyone that came to my blog and put comments or read my poems… 🙂 One thing to mention is that I really ❤ Poems!~<3 Everywhere I go I bring this little notebook to write the poem!

What I enjoyed in this challenge is that I loved everything that we did!~<3 It was an really diverting and exhilarating challenge to do! And when I got my comments I really thought really gratified when I got all those positive comments!
Yes!~<3 Of course I read other people’s blog I read like almost everybody except for Chris.. (I dont know his blog..)
Obviously I have liked to do this challenge for more than 2 weeks like everyday/ every time we had this I would be over-joyed!

My Favorite poems was about everything!~ Like I am Poem and etc!~ I really ❤ writing poems..!~<3


                                                                                   Your own blog owner,Bigbang lover, Julie

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Valentine’s Day!? ❤
The day when we share and give chocolates to boys…
Well I was just deciding to hand out quickly and smile (while I was doing it..)
But I think it turned out weirdly..
Well b/c I had this box of candy which I needed to hand out to that person..
But when I get CLOSER AND CLOSER my heart was pumping harder and harder and goosebumps increasing!!
Why can’t I just be an ROBOT and hand out as normally as I can…
Well turned out well!! Hoped they enjoyed it! ❤
❤ Love time!!!!!!

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Poem #14

This day was when I had to go to an new school where I got goosebumps!
Everybody was anxious I guess~~
I would always remind myself to be BRAVE
But when I walked in I got sooo nervous that I spoke in an really light voice which became pretty OK..
But it was then that I felt everyone was looking at me…
Should I just run and go?
Be really Brave instead!

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Poem #13

Lovely Day

It was an ravishing day when the birds were singing secludedly, and in an sensational rhythm.. Wind blowing in an gentle way… Sun’s rays beaming at me smiling from above..
It really was an sublime Day where Cheryl Blossoms’ peddles are falling of the tree…
This is what I would say the beautiful day!
Animals everywhere being as joyful as they can..

Wanderous Day

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Poem #12

I am someone that you will ❤ LOVE!!!
I am an peaceful and beautiful bird singing in wonderful harmony.~
I am an Cheryl Blossom that grows on the tree, secludedly, and prepossessingly.!
Sometimes I am an paper that is weak and breaks easily(rips) it is really painful

I am also a cheetah because i am fast and it is really burly..
I am the tiger with the sharp and enraged eyes looking at me..through me!

I am a rose that is first sad and when it blooms you will see it smile everyday

I am an high heel that people wear comfortably & sometimes strong when it CLINGS!
I am a diamond that shines around the world. SHINE! SHINE!
I am a place called “France” or you can call me”Roman” that is an romantic place to stay around….
I am the one that you will love to hang out with! 

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I am poem~~ #6

…I am somebody that i want to turn out to be…

I am a bird singing in wonderful harmony.

I also can be an cute, and adorable dog that loves to be playful & loves to SMILE 🙂

I am a rose that is first sad when it was not blooming but when it blooms beautifully, showing its wonderful appearance……..

I am the Rome and France where you can stay,peacefully… And it is an romantic place to stay…….<3

I am also called the high heel that people wears comfortable…It will sometimes be sharp if they are heart broken……..WITH THE CLING!

Some of my friends named me an emerald because when I smile I shine like the sun or the emerald.. I really love my nickname^^

The place that also matches me is…. the beach….. the sun shining on the ocean.. the animals living in the water joyfully and people having fun in the sand where my ocean hits the sand violently…

I am somebody that you want to know about….

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